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UC Berkeley's Anime Convention

Welcome to Anime Destiny 2013 main event page. Here you can explore the different opportunities that are available to you at Anime Destiny 2013. This page is constantly growing and changing, so check back in the future for updates.

Map of the Convention

Click here for a map of the Clark Kerr Campus. Anime Destiny will be held in the Clark Kerr Conference Center (Building 14 on the map).

Schedule of Events

Anime Destiny 2013 Schedule

Events and Panels

Angel Hearts Cosplay

Angel Hearts is an American cosplay group based in California that specializes in idol-pop song and dance routines. They have been doing IDOLM@STER, ParaPara, and J-pop performances at anime conventions throughout California since 2003. The group and its members will be introduced to the audience, followed by a performance showcase.

Anime Jeopardy

Think you know all there is to know about anime? Come to Anime Jeopardy and put your anime knowledge to the test. Questions will range from voice actors to name that anime. Compete against other anime brainiacs to see if you can come out as number 1! If competing isn't your style you can always watch and cheer on your friends!

Cosplay Masquerade

A tradition of every anime convention, cosplayers compete in the masquerade to present their costume and/or skit to the audience and our experienced judges to win conveted prizes and recognition. If you have any questions or are interested in participating in the masquerade, please email

Fansubbing for Dummies

Fansubbing veterans Doremi-Fansubs presents an overlook on the whole fansubbing process, including a demo on translation, timing, encoding, and release distribution. A complete history on the evolution of fansubs will also be presented, from 2000 to 2013.

It's Just Porn: Hentai Scanlation [18+ Only]

Amateur translator DeathPanda explains the workings of erotic manga scanlation as it exists today. The presentation encompasses the work involved in the craft, the various quirks of dealing with pornographic content, and an overview of the community’s composition and dynamics - a view from the production side of something that is simultaneously the niche of maniacs and an integral part of overseas otaku culture.


Do you catch yourself singing along to catchy anime openings or have dreams of becoming a idol in Akihabara? Join your fellow fans in singing your favorite songs in this unique karaoke-club experience! Our system features the Joysound song library with over 80,000 songs ranging from idol groups such as AKB48 to recent anime theme songs and even Western pop songs. Attendees from all age groups and fandoms are sure to find a song they enjoy singing!

Overseas Wotagei Research Group - Wotagei Workshop

Come learn about Wotagei! This workshop will demonstrate for you the moves often seen at idol concerts. The panelists will then teach you the very same moves and you can join in the fun!


Board Game Room

Kill the Monsters, Steal the Treasure, Karate Chop Your Buddy! Come join us for Munchkin Fu, eight other Munchkin variations, and all the rest of the board games we have for you to play in the Board Game Room. We’ll teach you to play Apples to Apples and see who associates what words with which (often very wrong but funny) ideas; join us for some Killer Bunnies or Zombies mayhem, lose yourself in Betrayal At House On The Hill, let us show you the new variations of Risk, and even play great out of print games like Star Trek NG. A valid photo ID is required to check out games and borrowed games must remain in the room at all times. We also welcome people bringing their own games and decks of Magic the Gathering or other card games to play; Yugioh decks will be available for checkout.

Dealers Hall / Artist Alley

Dealer's Hall

You can never have too much swag. Come to the dealer’s hall to buy more of the anime trinkets you KNOW you need. The Dealer’s hall is open from 10:00 AM-6:00 PM, on the first floor.

Artist Alley

Come swing by to check out some prints, book-marks, buttons, and more all by your favorites local artists. Artist Alley is open from 10am-6pm, on the first floor.